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Rabbit Nets and Accessories

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Quickset Longnetting System

Want to have expert tuterlage but can,t find someone then the instructional films are for you.
These films do not show lots of rabbits being caught , w leave that to you but they do show how to use nets and make/ repair them too!


Rabbit Longnetting
This film covers how to use traditional
long nets , the quickset system , drop
nets and lift nets. If you could do with
some advice and learn new ways
this is the video for you
leinth 1hour 30 mins
D.V.D. / VHS


Net Making and Repair
Novice or expert Brian takes youfrom start to finish in the art of net making , the tools used, repair,This film is the best instructional net making tool iv'e ever seen , even my
 wife can make nets now (no excuses!!)
Lenth over 3 hours
VHS / D.V.D.

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Brian and Liam Brinded , Fairview , Mybster , Watten , Wick , KW1 5XW
Tel: Liam 07984971040 Brian 07961622916