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Quickset Longnetting System

As with all our nets these are double bag, double knotted and can be made to suit your needs
Standard gate nets
Ideal for gateways and through a hedge these nets are on maroon lines with generous "tails" so you can tie to a post branch just as easy as on a peg.
Many country gent has one in his pocket when walking the dog .
Easy up Hedge Nets
The easy-up is our own design of quickset gate/stop net , the net comes pre-set on pegs like the quickset system but instead of a basket the first peg is steel with two "peg holding rings" and a "net finger"
his enables you to easly transport and use a stop net without hassel leaving more time to enjoy the hunting!
Ditch Nets
We now have shaped ditch nets . Trying to set a ne across a ditch  is a nightmare, the lines need to be diffrent lengths to allow for th angle of the banks. Our ditch nets are shaped to counteract this. The part of the net that goes down into the ditch has a leaded foot line , this huges the contors of the ditch and there is no need to peg it down. Our standard size for a ditch is five yards wide but we can taylor this to meet your requirements.In addition to the ditch section there is fivr yard "wing" of net on each bank top . Thus a five yard ditch net is actually gfifteen yard .
These come on the easy-up system ready to use
Five yard ditch net (15 yd)  45 ea

Standard Gate Nets

5 yard gate net
10 yard gate net

Easy-Up Hedge Nets

5 yard easy-up
10 yard easy-up
15 yard easy-up

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