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Rabbit Nets and Accessories


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Quickset Longnetting System
Here is our range of products that we carry as standard.
Please be aware that we do often have offers and end of line products that are featured and changed once a month.

4z purse nets
Ideal for lawns and holes free from undergrowth.These 4 foot 4z purse nets are on offer at the old 3'6" price with solid stainless steel rings for years of service.Grab a bargin


1.15 ea
10 or more just 1 ea

Double stranded 6z purse nets
Heavy duty suitable for use around all types of overgrown warrens or cut lawns alike, these dont tangle like the 4z or 6z sometimes do. Enjoy the experance!
10 or more 2.25ea


6z purse nets
A heavier twine than the 4z best suited to light or medium difficutiy holes..These 4 foot 6z purse nets are on offer at the old 3'6" price with solid stainless steel rings for years of service.Best Price


1.35 ea
10 or more just 1.20 ea

0.75mm Braided purse nets
As with the 6z double stranded purse nets these are suitable for all uses, again with stainless rings for years of service, a true pleasure to work with,not as bulky as the double stranded6z
2.75 ea
10 or more 2.25 ea


Bramble Nets
Rabbiting in brambles and gorse has never been fun with tangled nets and escaped rabbits.Try our bramble nets , leaded draw cord to keep them in place and hard braided nylon net to slide off the prickles when your rabbit hits them 
2.75 each
10 or more 2.25 each

Fox purse nets
A six foot fox net with extra heavy duty two inch stainless steel rings , thick braided draw cord and a top quality 2mm braided twine for the net.Unbeatable quality at a fabulious price
6.50 each
5 or more for only 6 each

Brian and Liam Brinded , Fairview , Mybster , Watten , Wick , KW1 5XW
Tel: Liam 07984971040 Brian 07961622916