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Quickset Longnetting System

For situations where it is not possable to approach the sets without being detected. We have a drop netr system where the net is held about four foot above the ground and dropped when the rabbits have gone under and out to feed. This system can be supplied for the quickset longnetting system or for traditional longnets.
We also have a lift system where the net is laid flat on the ground , once the rabbits have traveled over it then it is raised "sprung up " into place.
Pre-set 100 yard Longnet


Everything for dropping
2 x 50 yard nets
Excluding the nets
Complete package including
2x50 yard quickset system
reel with line
poles pins etc

Everything needed for lifting 2x50 yard nets
excluding the nets
Complete package
2 x 50 yard quickset system
lifting shoes
line , reel outriggers etc

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